Sponsorship Opportunities

Please be in contact with the office to discuss sponsorships

 The Building RESERVED


Sanctuary The naming of the Sanctuary $1,200,000


Ballroom/Multifunctional Hall Naming of Hall $770,000


Grand Library The naming of the Library RESERVED


Grand Foyer Naming of Foyer RESERVED

Mikvah Naming $360,000


Beth Din Courts The naming of Royal Courts $260,000


Commercial Kitchen The New Home for the FREE SOUP KITCHEN $230,000

Lubavitcher Rebbe's Dedication Naming of Dedication $180,000 (Chai)

Holy Ark Including Year-Round & High Holiday Parochet RESERVED


Cornerstone monument The Original Foundation Stone placed in the ground in 2009 RESERVED


Hebrew School The Name of the Hebrew School $120,000


Youth Space The naming of Youth Room $120,000


Courtyard Plaza & Playground Area Naming of Plaza $100,000


Bimah Torah Platform RESERVED


Ner Tamid The Sanctuary's Everlasting Light RESERVED


The Rabbi's Study Rabbi Ulman's Office RESERVED


Mechitzah Women's Perch $72,000


Memorial Board Yahrzeits RESERVED


Sefer Torah (2) RESERVED


Cantor's Podium RESERVED


High Holiday Prayer Books $36,000


Rabbi Eli's Office RESERVED


Rabbi Mendy's Office $25,000


Shmira Sentinel Security Surveillance & Alarm System $25,000


Data and Technology Computers, Software, Internet, Phone System $25,000


Rabbi's Podium RESERVED


Community Centre Mezuzah The Entrance RESERVED


Men's Sanctuary Mezuzah Main Entrance to the Synagogue $18,000 (Chai)


Women's Sanctuary Mezuzah Main Entrance to the Synagogue $18,000 (Chai)


Youth Office $18,000


Audio & Visual Technology Outfitting $18,000 (Chai)


Elevator Ya'ale V'yavo Reserved

 Weekday & Shabbos English Prayer Books $18,000 (Chai)


Judaica Silverware - RESERVED


Portable Mechitzah $10,000


Kiyor Ritual Wash Station $10,000


Landscaping $10,000


The Tallis Stand RESERVED

Handicap Ramp $10,000


Judaica Resource Library $10,000


Main Entrance Display of the Brick from the Rebbe's Shul 770 (HQ Chabad Lubavitch) RESERVED


Elijah's Chair Designated for the Bris Ceremonies RESERVED


The Youth Inspiring Mural 5x10 Meter Work of Art RESERVED


Women's Side Entrance Mezuzahs Gallery Entry Points x2 $7,700 each


Men's Side Entrance Mezuzahs Synagogue Entry Points (2) RESERVED 1 of 2


Chupa Canopy RESERVED


Men's Sanctuary Bookshelf $5,000 each


Women's Gallery Bookshelf $5,000 each


Centre Mezuzahs x26 $5,000 each


Sculptured 'CharityPad' Main Entrance RESERVED


Defibrillator RESERVED


Artwork for Library & Beth Din x4 $1800 each (Chai) - 2 RESERVED