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Sponsorship Opportunities

Please be in contact with the office to discuss sponsorships

 The Building 5 M


The Sanctuary | The naming of the Sanctuary $2,200,000


Grand Ballroom & Multifunctional Hall |  Naming of Hall RESERVED


The Regal Library | The naming of the Library RESERVED


The Master Foyer | Naming of Foyer 1,800,000

Mikvah Naming $360,000


Beth Din Courts The naming of Royal Courts $360,000


Commercial Kitchen The New Home for the FREE SOUP KITCHEN $330,000

Lubavitcher Rebbe's Dedication Naming of Dedication RESERVED

Holy Ark Including Year-Round & High Holiday Parochet RESERVED

Courtyard Plaza & Playground Area Naming of Plaza $360,000


Cornerstone monument The Original Foundation Stone placed in the ground in 2009 RESERVED

The naming of Youth Room (mum's and bub's) $250,000


Shmira Sentinel Security Surveillance & Alarm System $180,000

Sanctuary Audio & Visual Technology $180,000 (Chai)

Ballroom Audio & Visual Technology Outfitting $180,000 (Chai)

Judaica Resource Library (books) $180,000

Kiyor Ritual Wash Station | Naming $180,000

Data and Technology  $120,000


Bimah Torah Platform RESERVED


Ner Tamid The Sanctuary's Everlasting Light RESERVED


The Rabbi's Study Rabbi Ulman's Office RESERVED

Rabbi Eli's Office RESERVED


Rabbi Mendy's Office RESERVED

The Sukkah $100,000

Building internal lighting $90,000


Mechitzah Women's Perch $72,000

Sefer Torah (2) RESERVED


Cantor's Podium RESERVED


High Holiday Prayer Books $36,000

The 'Eshel' Cafeteria Naming $36,000

Rabbi's Podium RESERVED

Community Centre Mezuzah The Entrance RESERVED

Outdoor Plaza Young Professionals Butlers Bar  $18,000

Memorial Board Yahrzeits 18,000 (Chai)


Men's Sanctuary Mezuzah Main Entrance to the Synagogue $18,000 (Chai)


Women's Sanctuary Mezuzah Main Entrance to the Synagogue $18,000 (Chai)


Youth Office $18,000 (Chai)

Reception office $18,000 (Chai)


Elevator Ya'ale V'yavo RESERVED

Shabbat Hebrew/English Prayer Books $18,000 (Chai)

Shabbat Hebrew/English Torah Books $18,000 (Chai)


Judaica Silverware - RESERVED

Portable Mechitzah | Naming $18,000 (chai)


Landscaping $10,000


The Tallis Stand RESERVED

Handicap Ramp $10,000

Men's Sanctuary Bookshelf $10,000


Women's Gallery Bookshelf $10,000


Plaza Youth Inspiring Mural 5x10 Meter Work of Art RESERVED


Women's Side Entrance Mezuzahs Gallery Entry Points x2 $7,700 each


Men's Side Entrance Mezuzahs Synagogue Entry Points (2) RESERVED 1 of 2


Chupa Canopy RESERVED


Centre Mezuzahs x26 $5,000 each

(only 10 left)


Sculptured 'CharityPad' Main Entrance RESERVED


Defibrillator RESERVED


Artwork for Library & Beth Din x4 $1800 each (Chai) - 2 RESERVED

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