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Progress of 105 Wellington Street

About FREE Centre

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Maccabi property was purchased by Sports property Pty ltd in 2009 with the intention to develop the tennis courts into a sporting and activity centre.
The developers decided together to scrap their previous ideas and build a dream centre for the Jewish Russian Community of NSW.
The developers, The Rabbi’s and the core of the community worked together, tirelessly, for many years to make this dream a reality.
In 2017, the DA was approved by council for the development to go ahead.
Late 2018, the Construction Certificate is approved and the project for the new community center begins.
The Expected date of completion is in mid 2021.

Foundation Stone Consecration



Approval is Given

August 2017

Construction Starts

April 2019

Clearing up the space

September 2019


October 2019


March 2020

Foundation Pour

March 2020

In 1980 Rebbetzin Shternie Ulman received this nickel (5 cent coin) from the Lubavitcher Rebbes holy hand. Today this coin will be planted in the foundation of the Synagouge, it's location will rest right under the area of the Holy Ark.

The Rebbe's Nickel

March 2020

Mikvah Pour

June 2020

Mazel Tov!
Today on the holy day of the 3rd of Tammuz we were present at the pouring of the Mikvah.

Rosh Hashana 5781

September 2020

ROSH HASHANAH message from Rabbi Ulman Level 4 the ladies gallery.